2019:Vol 4, No: 2

Cover Page

‘Harvest’ publishes the 8th issue and is ready to step into its 5th year of birth. We are late in our arrival this time, but then into the week of love and promises. Love for work and promise to never ever give up…we are ‘harvesters’ after all.

Social Science predominates this issue, which I personally consider as a sign of hope. No study or research in Science and Literature is ever complete without its societal role and commitment. And encouragingly enough the papers in Science and Literature are rich in both social implications and worth.

But the urge to reach out to many many more remains. As many are familiar and in admiration of our endeavour, there are yet many others who remain oblivious of our existence. We look for their support and inclusion. Participation is never a financial affair; it calls for academic contribution, cerebral exchange and productive collaboration.

A special mention must be made of Dr. Sandeep Poddar Senior Research Director & Executive Editor (Publications), Lincoln University College, Malaysia for giving ‘Harvest’ a global platform in the International Conference on Sustainable Environment and Healthcare organized by Dr. Tarak Nath Poddar Memorial Foundation. We remain ever indebted to Dr. Poddar.

As our journey continues, we seek many such collaborations and interactions. For it is only together that we Survive, we Connect, we Build, we Reap a Harvest…


Dr. Supatra Sen
Chief Editor