2020:Volume 5 No. 2


2020 is nearly drawing to an end. A year of upheaval, chaos, disease, death,confinement, isolation…A year to be remembered in human civilization by posterity. The best of human spirit, resilience, might, fortitude, endurance against unprecedented adversity. And across personal loss and determined scientific breakthroughs in disease combat and drug delivery, the journey to evolution and the battle to survive continues…

Needless to mention then that the multidisciplinary researchers dwelled on the aftermath of the global pandemic and also the relatively localized tropical super cyclone ‘Amphan.’ With laboratories, chemicals, equipment and library being literally inaccessible, the contributors majorly depended on their observation, analytical skill, logical reasoning, optimum and sustainable utilization of their limited resources with internet support to craft their musings.

Kudos !!

25th December, 2020…the auspicious day of the Birth of Christ – the Saviour, the Redeemer. ‘Harvest’ steps into its sixth year of existence with the obvious imprint of this ongoing deadly pandemic. Perhaps not an abundant bountiful harvest for joyous celebration but a momentous triumph of human endeavour and resurgence…

Peace ! Healing ! Light ! Power ! Resurrection !


Dr. Supatra Sen
Chief Editor