2020:Volume 5 No. 1

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‘Harvest’ in the 5th year of publication, the 9th issue done…and amidst ‘Hard Times.’ Covid 19 playing havoc with lives, changing lifestyles, communication,travel, profession, clothes, habits, relationships and everything possible,compelling all to re-think and subsequently re-orient. Bengal and Orissa faced the onslaught of ‘Amphan’- the horrendous tropical super cyclone making a mere straw of mankind, ravaged and battered by the whims and fury of Nature. Time indeed to take a stock of ‘progress’ and ‘development’ and ‘civilization’!

The battle is on…Survival in grave peril. But what would perhaps outdo all threats and fears is the resolve of the mind, the might of character and the indomitable human spirit. Even in the face of extinction, there is no dearth of heroism. He travels miles to reach home, penniless and starving carrying his child but also his loyal pet, with no roof over his head he volunteers help to his fellow-men, the teenager feeds the strays on the streets even when his own meals are uncertain, a humble worker defies death and disease to stand in solidarity with his companions,the daughter pledges treatment and healing for the aged and ailing knowing that
hospitals are overflowing, the farmer having lost all his toil dreams of a thousand seeds sprouting, a million blooming and an abundant harvest…

So may it be ! So shall it be !


Dr. Supatra Sen