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Harvest’ brings together several like-minded from diverse institutions and organizations – from the school, to the college, to the university and even the corporate house. Team ‘Harvest’ has veterans with a young mind and profound vision. They seek further commitment beyond their immediate duties. From the esteemed Vice-Chancellor to the enterprising Corporate Executive ‘Harvest’ has integrated academicians with administrator-academicians.

In the relentless pursuit of a rich harvest, our academic journey evolves. We seek, we explore, we muse, we create, we search and research and the process is ceaseless. Multi disciplines have joined hands to create a rich produce – the flavour of specialization remains but the persistent urge to interconnect and interrelate, thrives. For it is only in complete harmony that we can reap a rich harvest.

Gratitude and acknowledgement to those, specially the overseas Professor, who transcending the geographical distance, have shown their immense trust with unconditional support and unending inspiration…we’ll never forget your stand. Harvest has taken its first step, we look upon you – our esteemed readers to give it firm ground. The online mode enables swift communication and no one is beyond the power and reach of the magical world of Internet. The paper-less mode of publication reaffirms our pledge to the Environment. Cheers then to an inclusive and sustainable society!

May there be greater fruition and a richer ‘Harvest’ in the years ahead !


Dr. Supatra Sen