2018:Vol 3,No.1

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Harvest is now three years and five volumes old and with small but firm steps ready to take on uncharted territories and unexplored paths. With pride and fervor, we welcome Dr. Tilottama Roy, Assistant Professor at Missouri Western State University to Team Harvest. Dr. Roy and Dr. Rajiv Narula, Assistant Professor at SUNY, Canton (batch-mate Presidencians and my first ‘harvest’) personify our relentless pursuit of a “rich fruition and a prosperous yield.”

While the struggle continues between “Planet or Plastic,” “Climate change: Myth or Reality”…our academic contributors view life from unusual perspectives. The Zoologist (about to foray into the world of teaching) contemplates on student attitude towards developing an indigenous platform of learning, the senior seasoned teacher (with officially no compulsion of an academic paper, other than the desire to ‘step out’ of her assigned tasks) muses on Karl Popper’s fallibilism. Two historians express their environmental concerns by delving for Nature’s messages in classical Indian texts, while a veteran Botanist fulfils her societal commitments along with fellow workers with her thoughts on Autism and Inclusive Education.

Not all is lost then…despite setbacks and let downs, it is still a beautiful world !


Dr. Supatra Sen

Chief Editor