2021:Volume 6 No. 2

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‘Harvest’ completes six years of fruition…12 published issues.

The worst of times…yet the best of times. People learn to adapt, to survive through sheer grit
and determination. Each time an issue of ‘Harvest’ is born a nagging fear lurks in my mind…perhaps there will be no more. However there is always a resurgence…a resurrection.The human spirit is so much like Nature. When buried …She sprouts, when harnessed…Sherevolts to strike. Fragile yet Indomitable !

A year ends and another awaits in the eternal passage of time. Grief and personal losses do not
oppose the spirit of Yuletide. Rather all seek solace and calm amidst the turmoil. We have learnt to…this then is our true victory.

Gratitude to Bappaditya Patra, a chemist turned artist for a wonderful cover painting. Warm congratulations to all contributors who penned their thoughts and met deadlines as seasoned multi-taskers. A salute to your spirit !

May this flame continue to burn and enlighten…

Dr. Supatra Sen

Chief Editor